Annual Audit

SCME Europe will conduct audits on all aspects of the commissioning organisations SCME training bi-annually. This will include e.g., recording, scoring, delivery of theory and physical skills, and the training environments (this list is not exhaustive).

All courses taking place must be in a venue suitable for training that complies with health and safety regulations and has been subject to an environment risk assessment. The venue will have space for participants to warm up for physical intervention techniques and for these techniques to be carried out comfortably.

Both the theory and physical content of the training will be competence tested, as well as ongoing assessment of values and attitudes of the participants.

SCME Europe Senior Trainers will support the commissioning organisation by attending training courses to support trainers and by providing verbal and written support as and when required.

Those trained to trainer level and representing SCME will always adhere to the standards outlined in the Restraint Reduction Network Standards 2019, as well as the SCME codes of conduct.

Affiliate organisations will provide Bild Act Assessors access to observe and audit all training at their request. BILD will observe 20% of SCME affiliate trainers annually in line with the certification.