SCM Europe provide training within a variety of educational settings including mainstream schools and colleges. The training will provide teaching staff with a better understanding of the individuals in their care by being able to identify and understand the factors which influence an individual’s developmental growth capacity and behaviour. Prevention Strategies designed to avoid escalating behaviours while creating a culture of positive growth and support.

Organisations and schools serve a multitude of individuals. Each person served is unique in personality, intellect and social skills. In every population served, there are individuals with the potential to present challenging behaviour. Regardless of the motivation, the potential for challenging behaviour is real. SCM training will provide those who work in these fields the skills to respond professionally.

SCM Europe encourages environments which create and maintain a “Positive Normative Culture”.  A positive normative culture requires staff performance that is consistent with the organisation’s policies and procedures. A strength-based approach to treatment, education and behaviour support planning leads to better outcomes. It is important to identify an individual’s strengths and how those can be used to meet treatment, education and/or behavioural goals.

Professional boundaries describe effective and acceptable types of interactions between staff and the individuals they support. The purpose of professional boundaries is to demonstrate respect for the dignity of individuals. The theory content of the training will provide staff in various setting to assess self, the environment and the individual through respect, personal space and appropriate communication.

  • The course delivers excellent content on the impact on the developing child of trauma and neglect offering a better insight into the reasons for a child's response when under stress. This helps the attendees be better equipped to intervene calmly. The de-escalation strategies offered are useful and relevant for our young people and are easy to understand. The Life Space interview and debrief training both in the initial accreditation course and even more so in the re-accreditation course is excellent. This helps participants understand the value in these processes to offer better care and ensure there is always learning and improvement following incidents. Over my career I have used numerous other training programmes, however SCM is the most effective well rounded training that I have had in managing dysregulated behaviour.

    Moore House, Affiliate Trainer