Safe Crisis Management Training Programme

Since 1982, JKM Training, Inc. has provided a comprehensive continuum of prevention, de-escalation, and safe emergency intervention strategies for responding to aggressive behaviour in social care settings and schools across America.  SCME provides staff with a capacity to prevent or safely respond to dangerous situations.

“Professional courage – doing what’s right even when it is difficult”

As the company has grown, several collaborations outside the United States have occurred. SCME Europe ( was created in conjunction with Kibble Education and Care Centre in Paisley, Scotland, and SCME New Zealand was created in Christchurch, New Zealand (natural disasters in New Zealand have side-tracked this initiative temporarily). The company is exceptionally proud of the credentials and experiences of its staff and instructors across the globe.

In 2002 a group of managers from Kibble Education and Care Centre attended a conference in America where they listened to Joe Mullen Snr giving an overview of Safe Crisis Management. It was evident the training supported a culture of care which we were keen to adopt as this reflected the culture at Kibble. There were many other positive contributing factors in the training which reinforced the rights-based approach and need for a therapeutic, trauma informed model.

SCME was successfully created and has grown across the UK. There are many affiliate organisations who have also embraced SCM and continue to promote the rights of individuals using a strengths-based approach.

  • SCM works as a 24hour curriculum which focuses on being trauma informed, creating a culture of care and putting the child at the centre of everything we do. SCM is more than just ‘de-escalating crisis events’. The training equips staff with a range of tools to: build positive relationships, understand behaviours, be a successful team player, be a positive role model for the children in our care and most importantly it reminds staff that every behaviour is communication. Todays Tomorrow will continue to work alongside SCM Europe to provide safe care for our looked after children and young people.

    Today's Tomorrow, Affiliate Trainer