Initial Training

Only in-house SCME Instructors or SCME principal trainers can train and certify staff as successfully completing an approved SCME training programme.

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Train The Trainer

The training for trainers is a full five-day programme which provides learners with the skills and knowledge which will support them to deliver the concepts central to providing instruction in SCME.

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Trainer and delegates in training room

Refresher Training

Refresher training programmes must be agreed by SCME Europe and adhered to by the commissioning organisation and must cover the SCME curriculum.

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Trainer Recertification

All certified SCME Instructors are required to attend and successfully complete the SCME recertification course on an annual basis.

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Theory Only

SCME can provide training in the theory curriculum alone. This is presented over 12 hours minimum and the full SCME curriculum must be taught.

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  • In 2002, a group of explorers from Scotland came to America in search of a crisis intervention training company that would help change the culture of their organization. Meetings were held with JKM Training, Inc., which owns Safe Crisis Management, and a partnership was formed between JKM and Kibble Education and Care Centre. From this initial partnership, it was decided that a separate entity should be created to expand the implementation of SCM throughout Great Britain and Europe. The new entity was to be called and is still called Safe Crisis Management Europe ( SCME ). JKM Training, Inc. is indebted to all who have supported the company’s Mission and Philosophy and appreciative of those who have served as Directors of SCM Europe. Due to their efforts, particularly current director Kirstie Bridgewater, SCM Europe is accredited by BILD and the Restraint Reduction Network. JKM Training, Inc. looks forward to a continued positive relationship with SCME for many more years to come.

    Charley Cheek, JKM Training Inc.