The Benefits of SCME Training

SCM Europe believe that individuals are more likely to grow, develop and make progress when they are in a positive environment that provides safety, support, structure and consistency.

This includes the interpersonal skills, knowledge, openness and flexibility which enable staff to understand, appreciate and work with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds.

SCM Europe believe organisations / schools should create a culture in which individuals are accepted, respected and encouraged by peers and staff.

Programmes are tailored and proportionate for each organisation as identified by the training needs analysis.

SCM Europe provides a continuum of interventions which are based on the “Least Restrictive Alternative” principle.

SCM Europe is more comprehensive in its theory, prevention, non-physical, physical and post-incident debriefing than other programs

We are Committed to the welfare, positive growth and development of individuals being served.

We Care about individuals being served.

We know organisations which provide Consistency, achieve better outcomes regarding staff retention, staff performance and growth of their individuals.

We believe staff must have Competency when working with their individuals.

We believe in professional Courage: “Doing what’s right, even when it’s difficult”.

  • The training provides staff with the knowledge and understanding to carry out their role to the best of their ability, safely and with confidence.

    Today's Tomorrow, Affiliate Trainer