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The Benefits of SCM Training

There are a range of benefits associated with training including:

Safety - ensuring the safety of an individual and others around them must be a top priority for all organisations.

Trauma-informed approach - gains an understanding of how trauma can impact on development and how this may present.

Responsibility - staff should be equipped with the skills to manage crisis behaviour and de-escalate volatile situations quickly and effectively.

Improved outcomes - for educational settings, consistency in teacher delivery could encourage a student to remain engaged in learning for longer, ultimately having a positive impact on the student’s future through using strengths and rights-based approaches.

Employee health and wellbeing - SCM training could lead to reduced levels of stress.

Debriefing - all individuals involved in an Emergency Safety Physical Intervention receive an opportunity to discuss the incident to allow for growth and development.

Maximised workplace productivity - stress reduction could have a positive impact on absence figures and/or staff turnover, with potential for cost savings as a result.