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SCM Europe provides the following training courses: -

  • Initial Training (full curriculum) (4 days)
  • Refresher Training (2 days)
  • Initial Training (no physical component) (2 days)
  • Refresher Training (no physical component) (1 Day)
  • Training of Trainers (5 days)
  • Supervision of Crisis Intervention Performance (1 Day)
  • Training of Trainers (no physical component (3 Day)
  • Supervision of Crisis Intervention Performance – (2/1 Day)

Training can be tailored to suit organisational requirements


  • The full staff training programme, including the physical interventions component, takes three days with an annual refresher of two days.
  • The programme takes two days to deliver without the physical interventions component.
  • Relevant training topics: -
  • Reasons for Training (Safety, Reality, Liability & Professionalism)
  • Promoting Positive Growth and Behaviour
  • Understanding Individuals
  • Identifying and Understanding Behaviours of Concern
  • Responding to Behaviours of Concern
  • Implementing Emergency Safety Interventions
  • Conducting Functional Behaviour Assessment / Using Behaviour Support Planning
  • Completing, Reviewing and Evaluating the Incident