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Training can be tailored to suit organisational requirements which are determined by a training needs analysis.

SCME provides the following training courses: -

  • Initial Training (full curriculum) (4 days)
  • Refresher Training (2 days)
  • Initial Training (no physical component) (2 days)
  • Refresher Training (no physical component) (1 Day)
  • Training of Trainers (5 days)


  1. Rationale for Training (Safety, Reality, Liability & Professionalism and creating and maintaining a culture of care)
  2. Understanding Behaviour
  3. Identify and Understand the Behaviours of Concern
  4. Prevention Strategies
  5. De-escalation Strategies
  6. Emergency Safety Interventions
  7. Function Based Personal Support Planning
  8. After Incidents Procedures


SCME training is delivered by qualified professionals and is:

Diverse – ranging from initial training, refresher courses or tailored programmes.

Bespoke – training is customised to meet the needs of the organisation which is identified through a training needs analysis.

Designed for busy schedules – training is delivered when it’s convenient, whether this is an in-service day, a twilight session (4-8pm), weekend or other suitable time.

Delivered on or off-site – programme delivery can be at the place of work or at our training facility.